The corns really enjoyed trying to burrow into the grass stuff. Luna, oddly enough, was the only one that actually behaved decently.

I got a bunch of easter pictures this morning but I spent the day hiking and field herping so I’ll just have to upload a late set.

Maybe I’ll upload some stuff from my herping expedition even though I didn’t find any reptiles. 

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Godric doesn’t get nearly enough picture time but he’s so hard to get proper pictures of. He’s not nearly as terrible as Luna is about it though.

"Give me more food"

"Give me more food"

I’ve been too lazy to take proper pictures so have a luci feeding video. Hermann and Lily also ate today despite being finicky little butts.

sammimariaxo asked: Hey, I found a picture of your beardie on another blog and noticed you were housing him on paper towel, I just wondered how you found this? I'm from the uk and have been housing my beardie on herbi bed but since hearing how bad it is was looking for an alternative. How old is your beardie, mine is nearly 2 and was wondering if that is too old to house him on paper towel? thank you for any advice you can give x

A few dragon caresheets I’ve read recommend paper towel, but I mostly use tile now. Aside from with Grumpy, who I just haven’t gotten tile cut for. There really isn’t an age cut off for using paper towels as a substrate but the bigger the dragon, the more it’ll get torn up. I’d recommend you get some tile cut to the specifications of your cage at your local hardware store with a dragon that big. It’s easy to clean, cheap, and lasts virtually forever. Stone tiles are the best since they have lots of texture for the dragons feet.

I have 3 dragons, 2 are about a year old and the other is a full grown adult.

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scoobygreen asked: How many snakes do you have? Or pets?

I have 10 snakes, 3 lizards, and 2 cats. So a total of 15 pets.

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Hermann shed all nice and pretty today!

Patch is a wonderful little poser, he’s beginning to go into shed though. 

repentancerepentance asked: Hi,I got my kings corn snake about a month ago, he's 5 months old (I got him at 12 weeks) and the other day his eyes went a milky grey colour, I know that that's the colour they go before they shed, and he did shed but I just went to look in his tank to get him out and I saw a thing that looked like him but it was all greeny brown & it looked nothing like any of the sheds I've seen w/ other snakes!so I'm worried, is this normal?or shud I take him 2 the vet?its also the first times he's shed 4 me

I can’t really say unless you can submit a picture of it to me. Though if it is a shed, with dark colored snakes some pigment will come off on the shed skin, making a brown or sometimes greenish hue to the shed skin.