Anonymous asked: I'm having an awful night. I just got home to my baby corn snake dead. He was being funny earlier today and now he's just gone. I don't know what went wrong. He stopped eating 2 weeks ago but the Internet said I didn't have to worry about it too much and that his appetite would come back. I just don't know what went so wrong. He seemed fine to me other than the loss of appetite. This is such a shock. I don't know what I did wrong. I feel so awful. I've only had him 3 months. I can't stop crying

Hey friend, its ok. Unexpected things happen sometimes that are entirely out of our control. 2 weeks without appetite isn’t a big deal at all but he may have had an underlying condition that you couldn’t see. It can be next to impossible to tell when snakes are sick sometimes.

My advice is to go to your vet and get a necropsy done, one on a baby corn snake shouldn’t put you out of more than 100 bucks.

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Anonymous asked: hey, i was wondering what bedding you use for your ball pythons? i recently got my first ball python (after having a corn for nearly ten years) and i've lined the tank with aspen bedding i use with her. but i've heard this can be dry and won't take water well/get moldy etc. my corn has been good with the house's humidity, only needing occasional ups during sheds, i just wanna be extra careful with the new arrival. i've gotten conflicting info from google and i'd be grateful for your opinion!

I usually use paper towels but my ladies are currently on aspen sanichips. Since they’re in tubs the humidity stays right with little extra moisture needing to be added.

If you have your bp in a glass tank then aspen will require more maintenance to keep the humidity at ideal levels but it can be done with having the water on the warm side and covering a good portion of the screen lid with foil or plastic wrap. A humidity holding substrate like coco fiber, orchid bark, or cypress mulch would be more easy to keep up with though. 

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All (or as many of the babs I could fit into on photoset) of the babs for bullshit-bullsharks.

Bee, Godric, Rowena, Bumble, Lily, Newt, Luna, Hermann, Lucifer, and Patch are who were included in that order.

Depression’s kicking me in the ass more than usual tonight so I’m gonna distract myself with takin pics of the babs. Anyone want pics of anyone in particular?

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Tiny noodle is growing and coloring up awesomely.

Two new fluffy additions to the fam! Robb and Hope (I voted on Sansa but lost). Initially we were only gonna get 1 but someone backed out of getting Robb and we ended up taking him. 

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Not a snake but a few of my favorite holdback rat ladies. 

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5 months of yearling blood python poo, everyone. I guess him swimming off 3 chicken egg sized urates a couple days ago loosened him up.

5 months of yearling blood python poo, everyone. I guess him swimming off 3 chicken egg sized urates a couple days ago loosened him up.

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Is that perlite? I had wondered what that looked like.

No, it’s hatchrite. Perlite looks pretty similar though. 

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Anonymous asked: I thought you weren't supposed to separate a clutch? Other than removing the bad ones

I didn’t, the clutch was never stuck together in the first place.

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